Merino V Neck Long Sleeve Top

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A classic long sleeve V-Neck style top. This top features a bound V-neck, fitted sleeves and a signature wide cuff at the wrist. It is ideal worn next to the skin as a base layer or on its on as a t-shirt.


gentle machine wash :

Woolerina garments can be either laundered or dry cleaned.  We recommen garments be machine washed on a gentle cycle (or hand washed) in warm water up to 40°c. You should always use a wool approved detergent.  Dry in shade. Do not bleach your Woolerina garments as these products will destroy the fibre (this includes NapiSan!).

Do not tumble dry your Woolerina garments. Wool will dry weight for weight quicker than cotton & if your garment is a little damp when you put it on, it will dry from your body heat & will not make you cold; it will actually generate heat from being wet!

This garment comes packaged in a calico storage bag and has been designed to promote the longevity of your Woolerina garment. Calico was selected as it is a  non-protein based fibre, meaning that moths and other nasty critters are not attracted to it as a food source and therefore are not attracted to the woollens wrapped inside! 

fabric : 100% Merino Interlock

fabric weight : 260gsm